NRA Annual Meeting Summary (May 16th, 2009)

Louis and I drove up to Phoenix from Tucson on Saturday morning, got horribly lost ignoring the fiancee’s excellent directionsnavigating the Phoenix area, paid our $12 fee to the parking gods, and checked in at the NRA Press Room where we met Sebastian from Snowflakes in Hell, then set off for the exhibit floor. Continue reading “NRA Annual Meeting Summary (May 16th, 2009)”


After perusing the exhibit hall yesterday, I’ll be heading back to ask the exhibitors some questions. All the non-exhibit-hall stuff seems to be well covered by others (and I hate sitting in little meeting rooms), so I figured I’d focus on the exhibit hall itself.
Is there anything in particular that my gentle readers wish for me to ask the exhibitors? Technical questions about Ruger’s SR-556? Should I let them know that the copyright notice on the bottom of their page incorrectly spells “Sturm” as “Strum”? Ask the HK folks if they might bring civilian-legal semi-auto (but still NFA-restricted) SBR versions of popular guns like the MP5 (( I know I’d love to get my hands on a semi-auto MP5K, or possibly a two-tax semi-auto, SBR, suppressed MP5SD.)) or G36?
You name it (within in reasonable bounds of polite conversation, of course) and I’ll ask it and post the response here. I’ll be checking my email and comments throughout the day.
For reference, a list of vendors and exhibitors is available here.

NRA Annual Meeting

Quick summary (more to come later, I’m just relaxing at The Girl(tm)’s house):

  • Met a few other gunbloggers.
  • Perused the exhibits.
  • Have sore feet from walking all bloody day.
  • Trying to convince The Girl(tm) that we should put a Barrett M82A1 on the wedding registry is surprisingly difficult. She wants stuff like dishes, bedsheets, and so on. Who knew? Maybe an AR-50? I’ll keep trying.
  • I’ve got a bunch of pictures from the day that I need to sort through. For the time being, enjoy this one:

NRA Annual Meeting

I’m going to be attending the NRA Annual Meeting and Second Amendment Blog Bash, though I’ll be unable to attend on Friday due to exams. I’ll be up on Saturday morning with Louis,? a friend and fellow blogger, as well as my fianc?e Sarah.
If anyone wants to meet up, please feel free to contact me by email and I’ll be glad to provide my cell number so we can link up at the meeting.
Interesting note: according to the NRA, lawful carriage of firearms is allowed at the entire event and exhibit hall, with the exception of events where alcohol is served (such as the banquets). Since I don’t intend to attend such banquets, I’ll be carrying.
Other interesting note: The NRA has been running ads on various electronic billboards (I didn’t see any physical boards, just the electronic ones) around the Phoenix metro area. I find it fantastic that they’re running billboards for the general public, and that there’s not some media or public backlash (at least I haven’t heard or seen any).
Hope to see everyone there!

Free Stuff

Hey, everyone loves free stuff, right?
How about a free one-year membership to the NRA?
Other than the monthly magazine (which you can, of course, opt out of if you wish), it has some practical benefits, including the $1,000 in free insurance for your guns. Can’t complain about that.

NRA Annual Meeting/2A Blog Bash

It looks like the NRA Annual Meeting is starting for us mere mortals on Friday the 15th of May. Alas, I won’t be able to make it on Friday, as it’s the last day of finals. I’m not sure if I have any exams then, but it’s likely knowing my luck.
I should be there on Saturday and Sunday, though.
I’ve gotten some registration material from the NRA, but just want to confirm: is the annual meeting free for existing members (I’m a Life Member), or need one pay some sort of cover charge to get into the exhibit halls? I figure one needs to pay extra for the banquets and whatnot, but I’d hope the exhibit halls would be free for members. Can anyone confirm or deny this?