After perusing the exhibit hall yesterday, I’ll be heading back to ask the exhibitors some questions. All the non-exhibit-hall stuff seems to be well covered by others (and I hate sitting in little meeting rooms), so I figured I’d focus on the exhibit hall itself.
Is there anything in particular that my gentle readers wish for me to ask the exhibitors? Technical questions about Ruger’s SR-556? Should I let them know that the copyright notice on the bottom of their page incorrectly spells “Sturm” as “Strum”? Ask the HK folks if they might bring civilian-legal semi-auto (but still NFA-restricted) SBR versions of popular guns like the MP5 (( I know I’d love to get my hands on a semi-auto MP5K, or possibly a two-tax semi-auto, SBR, suppressed MP5SD.)) or G36?
You name it (within in reasonable bounds of polite conversation, of course) and I’ll ask it and post the response here. I’ll be checking my email and comments throughout the day.
For reference, a list of vendors and exhibitors is available here.