NRA Annual Meeting

I’m going to be attending the NRA Annual Meeting and Second Amendment Blog Bash, though I’ll be unable to attend on Friday due to exams. I’ll be up on Saturday morning with Louis,? a friend and fellow blogger, as well as my fianc?e Sarah.
If anyone wants to meet up, please feel free to contact me by email and I’ll be glad to provide my cell number so we can link up at the meeting.
Interesting note: according to the NRA, lawful carriage of firearms is allowed at the entire event and exhibit hall, with the exception of events where alcohol is served (such as the banquets). Since I don’t intend to attend such banquets, I’ll be carrying.
Other interesting note: The NRA has been running ads on various electronic billboards (I didn’t see any physical boards, just the electronic ones) around the Phoenix metro area. I find it fantastic that they’re running billboards for the general public, and that there’s not some media or public backlash (at least I haven’t heard or seen any).
Hope to see everyone there!

5 thoughts on “NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. They always advertise in the area where the annual meeting is held. It’s part of how they pull in record crowds in almost every city. 🙂

  2. If y’all hear of any protests, let me know. I’ve tried to cover them every year. Last year, we didn’t have any. In St. Louis, the only one was done for only a few minutes for a photo op and by people who admitted they were paid to stand there with signs. In Milwaukee, they turned out less than half a dozen and were begging people in the park to come over and join them. The last good protest was Pittsburgh. 🙂

  3. Hi, do you guys know if tickets are required for entrance to main event and if so, how much?
    Also, is the event only for NRA members and if so, will there be a chance to join there?

    1. I don’t believe that tickets, per se, are sold — it’s the annual meeting for NRA members, so I think that NRA membership is required for entry. My understanding is that they will be selling Associate Memberships for $10 or so at the door, but there’s likely going to be lines.
      See for details.

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