Many thanks to Carl for his donation to the New Shooter Ammo Fund. With his generous donation, 1,500 rounds of CCI Blazer .22LR ammo was purchased.
And yes, I still need to do the write-up from the New Zealander new shooter event, but things have been hectic. Hold your horses…

On Restraint

From the Missoulian:

A Kalispell man chased down the thief who stole his pickup truck and held him for police despite being stabbed twice in the arm. And he kept his cowboy hat on the whole time, said Kalispell Police Detective Kevin McCarvel.
“The suspect confronts him and brandishes the knife and … threatens to stab him and proceeds to do so,” despite the fact that the truck owner had a gun, McCarvel said.
The truck owner was asked what kept him from shooting the thief and he replied, “‘Well, he wasn’t stabbing me for real,'” McCarvel said.


Quote of the Day

I mean, basically if you’re ever to a point in the world where you’re in a shootout with the gubmint, your life is essentially trashed beyond repair… the only way you’re likely to end up in that position is if you give them all of your other rights… It’s like you’re ignoring your first line of defense and zealously protecting your last… in spite of the fact that if it ever comes down to that last line, your life is worthless anyway.”

— technicolor-misfit, on Fark