Astronomy always seems like something that’s incredibly awesome: you get to look into the depths of space, unravel the mysteries of the universe, and even the general public “gets it”…unlike, say, physics.
It’s not like that at all. Not at all.
Instead, you sit in a windowless, stuffy room all night, look at lolcats online, and occasionally go upstairs into the bloody freezing dome to make sure the telescope hasn’t exploded, fallen off it’s mounts, or generally gotten into trouble (( Since it’s controlled by an ancient computer running Fedora Core 1, it occasionally gets into trouble. )). Oh, did I mention the whole “staying up until 6am, two nights in a row, even though you have both classes and a day job” thing? Don’t forget the eating-Easy-Mac-because-the-kitchenette-sucks aspect as well.
Oh well, at least I get paid for it. Wait…I don’t get paid? Son of a…