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My contract with Verizon Wireless runs out in November, so I’m scouting out other providers. (I do this regularly with all services I use just to ensure I’m still getting a good deal.)
The only problem I’m finding is that even though Verizon does the occasional thing to annoy me, my service with them has been nearly perfect. I find no compelling reason to switch for just basic phone service (and I can’t afford an iPhone or BlackBerry), especially when my two-year-old Motorola W385 phone keeps chugging away with no problems other than a 9-12 month battery life (and since I can get replacement batteries for $5 including shipping, this isn’t a big deal).
Now, if only Jack Bauer’s cell company offered service to the public, I’d switch in a heartbeat. That guy’s phone seems to work everywhere, whether on an airplane, in an underground bunker, or in the middle of the bloody woods.

5 thoughts on “Cell Service”

  1. no… go palm pre… I just got one..fantastic when it works… I may have gotten a dud tho… my brother’s pre seems to work fine…

  2. I periodically check these things out, and I’ve never found a reason to switch from Verizon. Their store staff are never competent, but their service as a whole is great. If I were you, I would stay with Verizon and contract free for a while. If you want an iPhone, see if Apple decides to offer one through Verizon next year. You don’t want AT&T service, I can promise you that.

  3. Don’t know how coverage is in Tucson, but I just recently switched to Verizon from TMobile because my work phone was on Verizon and I got much better reception and could call from many more locations.
    Verizon’s pricing is premium but they provide premium service also.

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