Tucson Ammo Availability

It appears as though ammo is getting to be somewhat more available, even if it is a bit more pricey.
As of the other day, the Tucson Sportsman’s Warehouse has a few dozen boxes of .223 Remington, which has been completely bare for the last few months. Murphy’s Guns has, for some unknown reason, had constant availability of Prvi Partizan M193 5.56mm NATO rounds for the last few months at not-unreasonable-for-retail prices. Now they’ve got a wider variety of 5.56mm/.223, such as 200-round packs of Federal American Eagle (which has been completely gone for months).
While Murphy’s prices for non-Prvi .223/5.56mm ammo is a bit steep, it’s not wholly unreasonable for the current market, and its good to see ammo back in stock.
Primers, though, are a different matter: nearly everyone I’ve asked is either critically low or completely out of primers. Murphys has some CCI Large Rifle primers for $33/1000, which seems rather high to me. Again, though, it’s nice to at least see some primers rather than none, even if the current stocks are closer to “none” than “some”.
I can’t wait for this stupid buying crisis to be over.

3 thoughts on “Tucson Ammo Availability”

  1. It may be a bit of a drive for you, but I’ve yet to find Diamondback Police Supply out of PMC .223 or Federal XM193. When I’m looking to feed my AR, they’ve always had something available.
    Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx ’em.

  2. which CCI primers were those? the Arsenal #34? in the white box?
    Murphy’s is where I bought my glock and where I go for 9mm…they always have some in stock.

  3. Richard: I think they were the 200 Large Rifle ones. They also had the mil-spec ones in the white box.
    Eric: I’ll have to take a look at Diamondback. I really like Federal XM193, as it’s good stuff and made in the US. Prvi is also great, and somehow manages to keep up with demand enough to not only make NATO-spec stuff, but also regular commercial and match ammo…something the US manufacturers seem to have trouble doing.

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