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Yesterday I was perusing the local battery store ((One of these days I will find a battery they don’t have in stock, but so far no luck.)) with my friend Louis. As is my custom, I was openly carrying my Glock 19 in a Blackhawk SERPA holster.
While we were browsing around, I had a brief conversation with the employee:
Employee: “What kind of gun is that?”
Me: “It’s a Glock 19.”
Employee: “Cool. Who makes it?”
Me: “…Glock.”
He was then a bit puzzled, as like many non-gunny folks, he was not aware of the different model numbers, and always thought that such guns were only referred to by caliber (e.g. “Glock 9,” “Glock 40,” etc.). As he seemed genuinely interested, I answered his questions about the different models.
In addition to being a useful crime deterrent, open carry also provides the opportunity to meet and hold conversations with other folks on the topics of firearms.

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  1. You’re lucky. Since I live off the beaten track, I do all my ventures into town either in conjunction with my college classes, or getting cheaper groceries at Davis-Monthan, or both… neither place allows me to carry openly or concealed. So I don’t carry.

  2. I feel bad now, I had a hard time not laughing at him when he asked who made the gun after you had said “Glock.” I guess I’m a horrible person.

  3. I’m planning to hike and camp in Arizona in an area that
    the federal government has essentially ceded state property
    to Mexican criminals. If I’m attacked and defend myself,
    should I report it causing an international incident, or
    just forget about it? Since Obama has said he intentionally
    is not enforcing federal laws to protect the borders because
    he wants to use that to threaten American citizens to support
    his policies, I would fear for my life if I reported a gun
    fight with the criminals. Does any one have any comments about
    how best to handle this?

    1. mockan: I’m not sure where you’ve read that Obama isn’t enforcing laws to force the citizenry to agree with his policies. Honestly, that sounds slightly crazy. Wait, I take that back: you’re claiming that you’d fear for your life (presumably fearing retribution from the government) if you reported a gunfight with criminals. That’s definitely crazy.
      That said, if you’re involved in any sort of violent crime, you would do well to call 911 and report it immediately. As I’m not a lawyer, I can’t give you advice, but you would be wise to consult a lawyer in such a situation after you call 911.

      1. It does sound crazy, doesn’t it? Senator Kyl of Arizona said it. See this site:
        In other words the President of the US allows Mexican criminals to take over
        the Arizona border to terrorize Americans into complying with his demands.
        If there are any conflicts in the border area between Americans and the Mexicans,
        who do you think we really have to fear?

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