This is the first newsworthy accident involving NFA firearms that I’ve ever seen.
Unfortunately, it involves an 8-year-old kid accidentally shooting himself with an UZI and later dying from his wounds. Truly tragic. My sincerest condolences go out to the family and anyone else involved with this accident.
I hope that people realize that even with a single incident being rather high-profile, accidents in the shooting sports (particularly those involving NFA items) are rare, and that no change in public policy should be needed. Alas, the comments on the article don’t leave me much hope of that.

One thought on “Sucks”

  1. When it comes down to it, it’s awfully hard to excuse or justify. My own version of the Four Rules has only three, and the first is, A gun is not a toy. I think that giving a full-auto piece to an 8-year-old to handle is as irresponsible as Steve Irwin taking his infant son for a close look at the crocodiles.
    Just my opinion. I wish it hadn’t happened, but it did, and actions have consequences.

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