Looking for Glass

My friend is looking at purchasing a CZ 452 rifle. I wholeheartedly support this choice, as CZ makes fantastic guns.
The only problem now is picking a scope. I tend to be partial to Leupold optics, but he doesn’t really have any bias. I’d like to get him started with a decent adjustable-zoom scope. Something of pretty good quality, so he won’t have to spend money later to upgrade.
He’s a good shot, and would likely be shooting the rifle from 25-100 yards (it’s a .22LR, so you can’t ask it to do much more than that). No need for Olympic-quality stuff, but he’d like to avoid the cheap stuff.
He’s a fellow student, so his budget is not unlimited. Ideally, he’d like the rifle and scope combined to come out to be less than $1,000. Ideally, it’d be less than $800.
Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Looking for Glass”

  1. Leupold is nice but pricey.
    J&G had Bushnell 4-12x scopes on sale a while back for $49. I picked up two. One for me & the misses.

  2. My brother recently purchased a Stevens .223 bolt-action rifle and a Nikon Buckmaster scope which as far as i’m concerned was a decent piece of glass. Of course i’m partial to Nikon being a photographer who uses their glass.
    He acquired the scope for $230, however i don’t remember the exact model of scope.

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