Reduced recoil loads for self-defense?

I live in a small studio apartment, and my primary self-defense firearm is a 12ga Mossberg 500 shotgun.
For years, I’ve kept Winchester Super-X buckshot loaded in it, and have had good experience with said ammo at the range. While it certainly has been effective against water jugs and other range targets, the full-power loads really pound my shoulder after a while. Getting back on target is slower than I’d like.
When I was buying powder and primers today, I picked up some of Remington’s “Managed Recoil” slugs and 00 buckshot. The marketing information suggests that they maintain the same effectiveness as full-power loads out to about 40 yards (far more than I need), yet have about half the recoil. Sounds pretty good. I’ll save the slugs for the range and use the buckshot for self-defense at home.
Has anyone had any experience with reduced-recoil loads in a self-defense situation, real or simulated? I’d imagine that they’d be similarly effective at closer ranges, but would love to hear from others.

2 thoughts on “Reduced recoil loads for self-defense?”

  1. I use the Remington Reduced recoil 00 buckshot with 8 instead of 9 pellets and like you, like them a lot. Makes training a lot more fun and pattern great in my 18 inch Rem 870. I also like the Federal Tru-Ball reduced recoil slugs. Very accurate plenty of punch at 1200 fps.

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