CZ 75

Today I stopped at the local gun shop here in the SF Bay Area (“City Arms“, if anyone’s interested — excellent shop, good guys who run it, good prices.) with one of my gunny friends and perused their wares.
One handgun, in particular, stood out — the CZ 75 Compact (.40 S&W). It fit my hand like a glove, and pointed incredibly naturally. The heft of the gun was moderate (it’s all steel), but not too bad. The DA trigger pull was long and pretty hard, but the SA was shorter and much lighter.
I’ve fired some CZs before, and I’m wondering why I haven’t bought any yet. Oh well, something new to add to the list…only I’d prefer to get it in 9mm rather than .40, mostly due to pricing and the fact that I have gobs of 9mm at home.