Heller is Big News

While certainly the news of Heller has been widespread online and in gun communities, I didn’t really expect to see much reporting in “traditional” media like newspapers.
Not many other Supreme Court rulings get a lot of coverage in the papers (as most of them tend to be fairly esoteric and not something most people really want to read headlines about), and usually only get small blurbs on national TV: “The Supreme Court affirmed that the individuals have a right to own guns, and now to Ollie with sports…”
Well, Heller made front-page, above-the-fold news in today’s Wall Street Journal. While not the main headline, it was quite prominent.
Very cool.
Now I just need to see about getting one of those “Come And Take It” flags with the M16 on it. That’d be a fun thing to have on the wall. 🙂