Stay classy, Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign wants to dance in the blood of slain students one year after the shooting at Virginia Tech by staging a protest and “lie-in” on-campus.
However, not everything has gone as planned for them:

To demonstrate on campus, protesters need to apply for an assembly permit. Tech doesn?t allow anyone not affiliated with the university to assemble on campus.

Brady’s reaction? Essentially, “we’ll do it anyway”.
Funny how the Brady Bunch want to require restrictions and permits for another basic right, but seem to have a problem with simply calling ahead, making a reservation, and getting permission from the university to use its property for their own purposes.
Also, I’m not really sure I follow the logic of the Brady Campaign and It seems to go like this: Guy buys guns from a dealer in a totally routine manner (background check, Form 4473, etc.), guy goes crazy and kills people, thus we must “close the gun show loophole” (which doesn’t exist) to stop such violence from occurring again! Er, what? What do private-party sales have anything to do with the shooting at VT? Heck, what do private sales have anything to do with violent crime, and how would restricting such sales have any effect whatsoever on crime?