San Francisco handgun ban well and truly dead

From the NRA:

The California State Supreme Court has ruled that Proposition H, the draconian gun ban proposed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors violates California law. This exhausts all possible avenues for appeal by the Board of Supervisors. Proposition H would ban the manufacture, distribution, sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition within San Francisco.

I was concerned about the courts decision in my former state — having pro-gun decisions come from California courts are, sadly, not very common. If the State Supreme Court were to uphold the ban, it would set a very dangerous precedent, both in California and in the rest of the country. Fortunately, the ban was overturned, and all levels of the state courts ruled that Proposition H was a violation of the California law that preempted local gun laws; only the state legislature could regulate guns within the state.
It’s nice to hear good news.