NPR on Maglite

NPR ran an article on the Maglite company.

They make damn good flashlights (though I wish they had a better tailcap-to-body contact other than two little, easily-bent springs, as well as a LED single-AAA Solitaire, which is a constant companion on my keychain even though it’s dim and flickery), and it’s good to see Mr. Maglica’s insistence on making their excellent products in the US.

I’ve got a few of their LED 2xAA Minis, an LED 2xD regular, and an old incandescent 2xAA Mini that I’ve upgraded with a third-party LED bulb. Excellent, all of them.

While they might not be as bright or lightweight as my Surefire or as waterproof as my Princeton Tec dive light (not that I expect ordinary, non-dive lights to be waterproof to more than a meter or two), they’re bright, rugged, and reliable, which is exactly what I want in a general-purpose flashlight.

Note to FTC: Much like Mr. Allen, I observe a pants-free lifestyle. Feel free to kiss my ass. For good measure, the TSA is invited to do the same.

On The End Of The Wirkd

I’ve been playing some Fallout 3 recently, and if the end of the world ever happens, I’d like to think that life in such a world would be similar to certain aspects of the game.

Specifically, that people would be generally decent folk, and continue to help advance human understanding, even in hostile environments.

That said, I suspect that in reality, things would be a bit more like the bands of raiders and other predatory groups in the game. Oh well.

Update: I obviously meant “world”, not “wirkd”. Stupid iPod keyboard. I’m going to leave it unchanged for maximum hilarity.


Sorry for not posting more about shooty-related stuff. Things have been rather busy on my end, and I simply haven’t had time to go to the range recently.

That said, I am ogling a Swiss K31 rifle quite mightily, and once my C&R comes back with my updated address, I suspect that it may be in my future.