NPR on Maglite

NPR ran an article on the Maglite company.
They make damn good flashlights (though I wish they had a better tailcap-to-body contact other than two little, easily-bent springs, as well as a LED single-AAA Solitaire, which is a constant companion on my keychain even though it’s dim and flickery), and it’s good to see Mr. Maglica’s insistence on making their excellent products in the US.
I’ve got a few of their LED 2xAA Minis, an LED 2xD regular, and an old incandescent 2xAA Mini that I’ve upgraded with a third-party LED bulb. Excellent, all of them.
While they might not be as bright or lightweight as my Surefire or as waterproof as my Princeton Tec dive light (not that I expect ordinary, non-dive lights to be waterproof to more than a meter or two), they’re bright, rugged, and reliable, which is exactly what I want in a general-purpose flashlight.
Note to FTC: Much like Mr. Allen, I observe a pants-free lifestyle. Feel free to kiss my ass. For good measure, the TSA is invited to do the same.