This Is Why We Win

Today I read the following quote, presented here in its original form, warts and all:

[user to which they are directing their reply] during 1936-1959, the standard infantry rifle was the M1 Garland. It was a rapid fire semi automatic General George Patton called “the greatest battle implement ever devised”. Just because our military now has more efficient and powerful weapons (60 years), that does not discount the destructive power of the M1 Garland, a rifle similar in nature to the yet more powerful and modifiable AR 15, and once used in our military

-Tafari Gh, a commenter at the Huffington Post

Nearly every thing this commenter wrote is wrong.

We win because our opponents are idiots and know not about what they speak. It should really hurt to be that stupid.

Hat tip to J. KB for the original link.

3 thoughts on “This Is Why We Win”

  1. What on earth is a “M1 Garland”?
    Even Wikipedia knows it is called a “M1 Garand”. John C Garand would turn in his grave.

      1. That assumes they had any to begin with.

        I assume that the “Garand” –> “Garland” thing was due to autocorrect on a phone, but the real kicker to me is that the author of the comment thinks that (a) the M1 and AR-15 are “similar in nature” (they’re both semi-auto, but that’s as far as it goes), (b) the AR-15 is “more powerful” than the M1.

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