Breaking stuff for fun and profit.

I spent a bit of the last day or two making some changes to the back-end around here, enabling SSL/TLS for the admin interface, etc.
As far as I can tell, things should be good, but if you find that some functionality has broken please let me know.
For now, I have only the admin interface accessible over HTTPS?– all other content should automatically redirect back to the HTTP version and work normally, but in some odd cases browsers seem to ignore the redirects and have formatting issues (cause: the page is loaded over HTTPS but the CSS is loaded over HTTP) and may indicate redirect loops. I’ve been unable to replicate this with testing tools, and it may just be an issue with my browsers. If you see similar issues, please let me know what page you’re visiting, the date and time of the error, and the page source (Ctrl-U) so I can see what might have caused the issue.