Wasn’t this how a Stephen King novel started?

From the BBC:

A US military base that carries out tests to protect troops against biological attacks was locked down on Wednesday to resolve a “serious concern”, officials have said.
[…]No information was given on the nature of the problem.

They also say that nobody was in danger, which is good, but it’d be nice to know what happened.

3 thoughts on “Wasn’t this how a Stephen King novel started?”

  1. I think that’s how a number of novels and films have begun. . .
    Should we nuke ’em now or wait until it’s too late?

  2. I stumbled across your website by accident one day. I have been reading a bit of your comment. I am of the mind that the second ammendment is the most important ammendment the forefathers penned. It is the reason this country has survived as long as it has. I have always heard the phrase, an armed society is a polite society. There is a bit of truth in there. The second ammendment is the ammendment that actually protects the other ammendments. Without the second ammendment there is no provision for the population to defend/enforce the others. If a government goes off the rails, what insurances does a population have to protect itself? Look at some of the middle eastern countries right now. The horrible things that most of those dictators and regimes do to their own people. They do it with secret police, they do it with kill sqauds, and what recourse do the people have. NONE. These regimes make sure that the majority of the people are unarmed. What would happen to civil rights in this country, or the constitution, if the population were unarmed? What then stands between the government, and the freedoms we take for granted? What is it that stands between a free society, and a police state? With all of the bad things we hear every day about gun crime, we never here about the good things that come from some being armed. If just one teacher had been armed, and proficient with a firearm, Columbine would never have happend. That would have sent a message to other would be attackers that this is what you can expect if you come onto one of our campuses with ill intentions. Right now, would be assailants feel they have nothing to fear from our campuses, our churches, our malls, and most public events. God bless America, and the Constitution of these United States. The second ammendment is the only thing standing between us, the government, and it just being a piece of paper with nice thoughts and words on it. Who is it in the end that protects us? “THE GOVERNMENT”? I like your website. Keep on writing.

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