Don’t Fuck With Gurkas

You’ll lose.
Update July 19 2011: It appears that the original link has gotten domain-hijacked. Link changed to a different site covering the same story.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fuck With Gurkas”

  1. If you can’t have a US Marine as a friend, a Gurkha is a completely satisfactory substitute. Since (formerly) Great Britain doesn’t seem to value them as much anymore, perhaps we can pick up the contract? IIRC half the Gurkhas who join the miltary each year join the Indian Army and half the British Army, under a 1947 treaty. I think we could benefit from their service, and they’d be signing on with a country at least 50 years less far down the sewer line as (formerly)Great Britain.

  2. Your hedding says it all. To anyone who knows the history of these guys, there is nothing more to say.

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