Questions on Exporting Firearms

Anyone know where one might find information about the legality of exporting firearms for personal use to foreign countries? Specifically, I’m looking at studying overseas for several years, and it’d be nice to bring the guns along.
I’d imagine the Swiss are pretty open about such things so long as the proper procedures are followed. I suspect the other European countries aren’t quite so gun-friendly. Anyone know for sure?? Links to official regulations would be helpful.
To be specific, I have a few handguns (9mm, .45, and .22), a few rifles (M1 Garand, two AR-15s, and a 10-22), and a Mossberg pump-action shotgun.
I would imagine the US would want to know about such exporting as well.
Not sure how they’d treat NFA items, as I have a silencer for the .22s as well.
Advice would be most welcome.
Also relevant would be information on storing these firearms in the US with friends. The guns will not likely be a problem, but I know the ATF has various rules about storing NFA items in that one must store it in a manner inaccessible to the people who are storing it. I suspect that a safe deposit box might be workable, even though they technically don’t allow one to store firearms there.

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  1. The NFA item will likely be easy depending on the country you are going to… In many places in Europe, suppressors are looked at as hearing protection devices and not as controlled items of evil. You might not be able to bring it back though… You could always move the NFA item to a trust and name someone an officer of the trust, that person should then be able to own the NFA items.
    As for the other stuff, most of the guns will probably have to stay here unless you find a really friendly place to move to.

  2. Leave your guns with trusted friends. Put the NFA in the safe deposit box and keep your mouth shut about it. Don’t tell anyone. Just make sure that you keep the rent on the box paid and keep the key with youself.
    Make friends with the gunnies in Europe and maybe they will let you shoot theirs.

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