Taurus PT1911?

My friend recently acquired a Taurus PT1911. It looks pretty snazzy, and has the ambidextrous safety (( I’m left-handed. This is important. ))
Any thoughts? Is it a decent gun?

2 thoughts on “Taurus PT1911?”

  1. Everybody I know with one (3 separate instances with 100% of them reporting this, to give you sample size) has had the left-handed safety begin to “walk out” to the right. Keep an eye on that, or switch out the lever for the type with the “finger” that gets retained under the right side grip panel, and as far as I know you’re golden.

  2. My new PT1911 didn’t work I had to send it back so they replace it after waiting almost a month i got the a new one from Taurus a few weeks and 200 rounds later the extractor broke is a 5 minute fix and common of 1911 I mail it back for repair they got it on the 4/26/2012 today is the 5/2/2012 I have call many times to have them take care of it ASAP I ask someone to have the manager call me back that was 2 days ago and nobody has call me I call this morning to check on the status and is still has not been repair the cost of this 1911 was almost 700$ plus all the shipping i have to pay many times and it looks like not only I got stock with an UNRELIABLE GUN but also with the reality that they don’t care about my case and now i know it was a mistake getting a Taurus the worst part is that I still don’t when are they going to fix it all I know is that i have to go get another gun today if I want to protect my Business and Home the problem here is not so much a problem with a gun but with 2 guns 1 after the other and no one seems to care…..

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