I came across an online ad that stood out to me today: it was an ad for ADT, and consisted of the text “Feel safe for only $1 a day”, referring to the cost of their monitoring service.
Personally, I think it’s rather silly. I can “feel safe” by simply ignoring any potential threats, and this costs me nothing. Of course, that’s rather foolish.
This also reminds me of the absurd ADT commercial where a burglar attempts to break in while the helpless family is at home, the alarm sounds, and the burglar flees. The police are notified, and presumably arrive at some point in the future. Of course, they never mentioned what would happen if the burglar didn’t flee…
By having a means to defend myself — rather than relying on others — I can not only feel safer, but I can be safer.
That said, a burglar alarm is a useful when one isn’t at home, as it can notify the police if someone is breaking into one’s house. $30/month still seems a bit excessive; I wonder if there’s some sort of lower-cost (or free?) internet-based monitoring, or perhaps even self-monitoring? I’ll need to look into that.

3 thoughts on “ADT”

  1. There are self-monitoring alarm systems out there, but what I like about my alarm system is the fire alert protection. Sure, what’s in my safe is safe and I have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, but those last two only work if I’m around.

    1. Fire alerting is good as well. Fortunately, our condo has interior sprinklers, so hopefully any fire that started would be quickly contained, if not extinguished outright. (I would imagine the condo has water-flow alarms, but I’ll need to check.)

  2. my brother-in-law had some knuckle heads break in while they were home… they didn’t have an alarm, nor were they armed…

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