How Not to Fight

Evidently a small band of Afghan insurgents decided to attack Kandahar Airfield, a military base of about 20,000 people. The Vancouver Sun has more details.
Their dastardly plot consisted of having one of their team sneak behind a nearby tractor, then dart towards the perimeter fence. Upon reaching the fence, he blew himself up, destroying “about $70 worth of fence”, according to Maj. Josh Major (( Yes, his name is Major Major. Really. )) of the Canadian military.
The other insurgents ran through the gap in the fence, and were killed “immediately” by 25mm autocannon ((Ow.)) fire. None survived.
Even if they had managed to get inside the perimeter fence, they were merely a small group of 8-10, in a base of 20,000+ soldiers with a whole lot of whoopass on tap. That would have ended poorly.
Honestly, what were they thinking? Who thinks that attacking a major military airbase with a ragtag band of irregulars is a good idea?

4 thoughts on “How Not to Fight”

  1. Wow,
    Major Major, that was also a character in the movie Catch 22, Bob Newhart, very funny.

  2. It would have be funny if he was enlisted, then he could be an E-5 Sergeant Major.
    When I was in the Army, I kept hearing about First Sergeant Post but never figured out who he was …

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