Mixed Feelings

I’ve got mixed feelings on Wikileaks, particularly when it comes to ongoing military action.
On one hand, Wikileaks seeks to bring unethical behavior by governments and corporations to light. I respect and support this.
On the other hand, there’s some information that should not be published, such as information detailing or identifying sources, as it can put people at great risk. I think that such information should have been redacted to protect the innocent. In addition, there’s the ethical issue of the whistleblower breaking an oath to reveal classified information to the public. Where does one draw the line?
Hopefully he made the right choice, and innocent people are not harmed as a result. I can only hope that I never face such a dilemma.

One thought on “Mixed Feelings”

  1. There are a lot of higher level classified documents that were classified to protect politicians from embarassment. The material that wikileaks published was primarily after action reports (i.e., point of the spear soldier reports. There is no excuse for such behavior, and the people who do such things should be incarcerated.

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