Overheard at the Rifleman House

Me: “Honey?”
She Who Must Be Obeyed: “Yes?”
Me: “Have you seen my pistol?”
SWMBO: “Which one?”
Me: “The Springfield XD-45. Looks like the Glock, but bigger and uglier, if such a thing was possible…”
SWMBO: “Nope. Haven’t seen it around.”
Me: “In most houses, people run around looking for keys they’ve misplaced. In this house, we do it with pistols…”
Turns out I had left the pistol in its case, which is still boxed up somewhere in the house, but I had?temporarily?forgotten where I had placed it.

One thought on “Overheard at the Rifleman House”

  1. You’re by far not the only household to experience that. Just yesterday, Sebastian was asking me if I knew where his Kel-Tec was. (I had to remind him it was still on the nightstand underneath the Glock. I only keep one gun on my nightstand – the Sig.) When leaving for vacations, we also have to do multiple rounds through the house looking for any guns we may have forgotten to go in the safe.

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