The First Rule of Wikileaks Club

…is that you do not talk about Wikileaks Club.
The second rule of Wikileaks Club is that do you NOT talk about Wikileaks Club.
No really. Wikileaks is a fantastic resource for whistleblowers, and has many interesting (and often damning and scandalous) postings. Many people take considerable personal risks when posting information to Wikileaks, as they feel the public truly has a right to know.
However, this particular alleged poster did something stupid. He talked about it:

The ex-hacker, Adrian Lamo, said Spc Manning “boasted” to him about passing the helicopter video to WikiLeaks.
Mr Lamo said Spc Manning claimed to have leaked video footage showing an air strike in Afghanistan in July 2009.

Mr. Lamo then informed the (unnamed in the article) authorities, who arrested Spc. Manning. I can’t really fault Lamo for reporting Manning, as he would likely be considered jointly liable (Conspiracy to reveal classified information?) if it was found out that he didn’t report Manning, particularly with Manning allegedly being so absurdly stupid to brag about posting on Wikileaks.
If one is going to post stuff to Wikileaks, do so privately (they offer a Tor service, for example) and then don’t talk about it. The entire purpose of leaking files securely and anonymously is defeated if you talk about it.