Having just moved to my?fianc?e’s condo, I had to sell my Cannon safe (( Yes, I realize it’s not a terribly secure safe, even if it looks fancy. In the future, I’ll stick to cheaper ones with equal security until I can afford (and the floors can support) a proper safe. )).
For now, though, things look a bit like like this:

My Barracks at Ft. Lewis, On the Morning of Deployment. Time: Oh-Dark-Thirty

…only without the machine guns.
It’s the mark of a well-balanced, tolerant household — or at the very least, an interesting household — when nobody is the least bit perturbed (or, indeed surprised) to have a silencer and a few loaded AR-15 magazines on the coffee table, a Mossberg 500 propped up against the chair off to the side, a box of .22 next to the TV, and an AR-15 next to the couch (where it was resting before the?fianc?e?wanted to watch TV and moved it). Granted, we don’t have any kids, so that’s something we don’t need to worry about. (For those who are interested, everything’s lying about because I had been taking everything out of the padded gun cases, putting the cases into the closet on the porch, and making room for things in the lockable closet — it doesn’t normally look like a room in which a squad of soldiers is gearing up.)
I’m marrying a wonderful woman. 🙂