Just heard back from the last graduate school I applied to. Unfortunately, their response was negative.
Any of my gentle readers happen to have any contacts for potential employment for a physics major in the Phoenix area?

6 thoughts on “Drat”

  1. Uggg… I learned long ago: Phone calls are good, letters are bad. Wanna see my collection of “letters”? (I kept the letters ’cause I know they are wrong!)
    Don’t give up.

  2. No, but I DO suggest you apply for Idaho if you haven’t already.
    Another friend of mine is doing a summer internship in HEP at William and Mary this summer…. Hell, you probably know her.

  3. Danno: Good idea. I’ll have to see about making some phone calls.
    Chris: I’ll look into Idaho. I’m afraid I don’t know anyone at W&M, but it’s always good to see a university that has both undergrads, graduate students, faculty, and other non-student research positions. I’ll have to look into their program. I have some family in VA, so that could be good.

  4. While it’s not necessarily physics specific… if you need something check Dillon… at the very least you’ll likely get an employee discount….
    need a 1050? 🙂

    1. Tomare: 19K: Tank Crewman. Did it mostly to do something different, as my working career up to that point involved IT work and.
      Troubleshooting is indeed something I’m good at. Why?

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