Safe movers in Chandler, AZ?

Do any of my gentle readers happen to know of any decent safe-moving company in or around Chandler, AZ?
I have a 620lb Cannon C23 gun safe that I’ll need to be moving from a parking lot up a single flight of exterior stairs to a second-story condo on the weekend of May 15th. While an appliance dolly from U-Haul can handle the weight, I’m not sure that I, my fiancee, and a few friends will be able to.
Thus, we’re looking for a company that can safely ((No pun intended.)) move? a safe from a parking lot up a flight of stairs into a condo. While actual installation of the safe would be a nice perk, it’s not needed — I just need it to get up the stairs and into the condo. Any recommendations?
On the same note, if anyone knows of an equipment rental store in the area that rents stair-climbing dollys that can hold >650lbs, I’d be able to do it myself without needing a moving company.
Update: Another option: is anyone in Tucson looking for a used-but-in-excellent-condition Cannon C23 safe? Maybe we can work something out. Same goes to anyone in the Chandler/Phoenix area. It might just be easier to sell the safe rather than worry about moving it.

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  1. There’s a company that’s called ahwatukee safe or something like that. They are movers and installers and sellers and repair and from what I remember if it has a lock they work on it. I’d be able to give you more but their card is at home and I’m not. If you can’t figure it out from that I’ll post their info when I get home. -M

  2. When we bought our safe, we paid for the same store to deliver it. You might be able to call safe dealers in the area and see if they will just do the “delivery” part of the service.

  3. moving to chandler? Why would you want to go to the evil empire (Phoenix metro)?
    How much would you be looking to get for it…

  4. Richard: The fiancee own’s a condo there, and I’m graduating and moving out of Tucson. Hopefully I’ll be going to grad school at ASU, but they’re slow in getting back to me.
    As for the safe, I’m not really sure what the going rate is for these things.
    David: We’re right near Ray & Dobson. Just a block or two away from the intersection. I may take you up on the offer, if your son-in-law has a stair climber or some Arnold-like muscles.

  5. I’ve heard good things about Safe City in Mesa, (480) 497-3882, and Arizona Lock and Safe in Phx, 602-278-4582.
    I won’t help you move *g* but I’ll offer a trip to Shooter’s World once you’re settled in.

    1. Don’t use safe city they are very unprofessional I hired them for 250.00 to move a safe that I actually bought from them. Jessy the owner said he would pick it up at 9am, so at 10am when he still had not arrived I called him he said was running late and would be there by 12 noon (well now my days shot) so I call in to work and take the day off. At 1230 I call him again due to a no show he said was still running late no apology given just will be there between 3 and 5 well at 545 I call the jackass again and get no answer and never got a call back after that. The guy has the personalty of a tree stump and is just a little more worthless.

  6. I used Arizona Discount Movers ( to move my gun safe from Scottsdale to Chandler. I did not have stairs at either end. The movers were professional, on time, (actually almost 60 minutes early) and very quick. I’m happy with the value I got for my money to them.

  7. take the door off – you then have two pieces that can be easily handled by two people – the door weighs about 150 on mine, leaving the other half at about 350. Two guys can move that up stairs or down, but a third guy is good to have – to call an ambulance, if nothing else.
    The door carries a disproportionate amount of the safe’s weight. Removing it makes a huge difference. I used a hand truck, well padded with a mover’s blanket, to lever the door up and off the hinges. Piece of cake.

  8. I bought a safe from Safe City in Mesa. They are a Fort Knox dealer. This was a very expensive safe ($6,000+) Jesse, the owner, seemed decent. But he would not return phone calls a few days later when I had a question about changing the combination. Being busy, I left messages for him on both voice mail and with his staff. I also emailed. I was surprised that he would not even return emails. Worse than not getting help from him was the feeling of him not even being willing to return emails. Good luck if you choose to buy from or deal with Safe City.

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