One Step Closer to Permitless Concealed Carry in AZ


SB 1108, the Senate version of the AzCDL-requested Constitutional Carry bill, passed in the Senate Third Read, by a 20-10 vote, on Monday, March 29, 2010.
From here, SB 1108 will be sent over to the House.? Since the House has already voted for an identical bill, HB 2347, during their Committee of the Whole (COW) debate, we are expecting SB 1108 to be substituted for HB 2347 during the House Third Read.? We are also expecting the House Third Read vote to be as early as Tuesday, March 30, 2010.? This will be “the” final vote on Constitutional Carry to determine if it will be sent to the Governor!

Things are moving quick on this.
Of course, I think it’s rather silly that so much legislative time (even as fast as things are going) is spent to make it legal for people to untuck their shirts while carrying (permitless open carry is already legal here) while people could carry without a permit so long as their shirt is tucked in. Permitless concealed carry should be a no-brainer.

5 thoughts on “One Step Closer to Permitless Concealed Carry in AZ”

  1. Yeah but even if it does pass what do you think the chances are Brewer will sign it. I say a big fat ZERO.

  2. Shawn: Why do you think that? From what I’ve been reading, Brewer doesn’t seem to be the type to veto such a thing…as opposed to, say, Napolitano.

  3. I say she will never even touch it. There so damn worried about the budget this won’t go anywhere. Like all the other bills floating around, not just gun ones. I remember it last year when they decided to not vote on or discuss any bills that were not related to the budget at all period. And it got so bad in that aspect they had to do special sessions?
    I expect a similar response. They will be to wound up with the budget and this bill will stall. Or may be passed without her vetoing it. So it becomes law without a signature.
    On any account this is the general opinion at work people have with her. If she wanted to increase her chances of being elected she should have the speed cameras ripped out.

  4. Shawn,
    What universe have you been living in?
    1. Of all the things passed out of the legislature and signed by Brewer this session, none of them are related to the budget. See tinyurlDOTcom/ygdoo63 (replace DOT with ‘.’)
    The AZ Daily Star has been excoriating the state government to ‘do something’ about the budget (read: raise taxes) for months, which the legislature refuses to do. They want to ride it out instead, which is why they’ve been focusing on other legislation (fireworks, divorce waiting-periods, Boy Scouts, drinking hours, welfare fraud, and guns) and pushed the budget issue to the voters in the form of a referendum next month.
    In short, they don’t care about the budget. If they did they wouldn’t have had to ask the voters to approve the sales tax increase. They would have done it themselves.
    2. Brewer herself requested a slight change in language to the Constitutional Carry bill to INCREASE the chances of it passing the final vote and not being challenged in court. She signed restaurant carry, the parking lot bill, full preemption, and the firearms freedom act. Why wouldn’t she sign Constitutional carry?

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