On Prohibitions

As many readers may know, Costco prohibits the carriage of firearms within its stores. As a private entity, they are perfectly within their rights to do so, and while I may disagree with their decision, I respect it.
Naturally, there are those who do not agree with their decision and will carry anyway. This is prohibited by Costco’s policy, and Costco can ask them to leave (and failing to do so is trespassing). Even so, I’m sure there’s not a few people who think “concealed means concealed” and don’t worry about it. I may disagree, but I understand.
Then, there’s the guy who walked in to the local Costco tonight: baseball hat on backwards, tag still attached to it, oversized t-shirt, with a Ruger semi-auto pistol (exact model unknown) openly carried in a cheap, nylon holster with no retention other than a small velcro strap. Oh, and he’s there with his wife and four kids. He totally took “classy” to a whole new level.
It’s one thing to carry discretely where it’s not permitted, but it’s another thing entirely to do so brazenly and openly.
Don’t be “that guy”.

2 thoughts on “On Prohibitions”

  1. Looks can be deceiving. As a store owner, I’ve been robbed by people who were dressed exceptionally well. Once, it was a man in a suit with a briefcase who was accompanied by two women in dresses. Another time, it was a youngish (20’s) man with his grandmother.

  2. Violet: That’s true. I suppose my main point was that one should respect the private property rights of the owners by not carrying there or, if one insists on carrying (at one’s own risk, of course), one should do so discretely and not brazenly violate the store’s rules.

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