Public Debates About Guns On Campus Held Tonight

The Arizona Daily Wildcat is reporting that there will be a public meeting tonight at 7:00pm in the Santa Rita room of the Student Union building at the University of Arizona to discuss whether or not the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA, the student government) should support or oppose the proposed law that would allow faculty members (but not students) with CCW permits to carry guns on campus.
From the article:

Although anyone from the public can participate in the forum, Quillin said it will be structured with an emphasis on students? opinions.

While it’s short notice, it’d be great if pr0-gun people in Arizona could show up, particularly if they are current or former students or faculty. According to the article most of the responses have been non-committal, with both students and professors indicating support for the forum, but having mixed feelings on the topic. It doesn’t sound like many students or faculty are terribly interested, and so won’t be attending.
That said, comments on last week’s article (scroll down) seem to be leaning toward the pro-gun side. Let’s keep it up.
Of course, if one decides to come to the forum tonight, be presentable, be polite, don’t be a nutjob, and don’t come armed (remember, guns are still prohibited on campus, even with a permit). This is a big opportunity, and could lay the groundwork for future improvements.

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