Quote of the Day

Screw quantum mechanics. I should have become a rocket scientist; it’d be easier.

– Me, after a particularly mind-warping quantum mechanics class.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Speaking as an aerospace engineering major, yes, it would have been easier. My college roommate was a physics major (now doing his PhD at UMich) and I have a lot of respect for anyone who makes it through that program.

  2. Speaking as another AE… no, it’s not easier… at least not above the undergrad level.
    However, it DOES make a lot more “sense”, in terms of logic and intuition. Our engineering is essential analog and “real”; abstractions are a useful tool in our math.
    Even an aerospace scientist (vs. an engineer), like an aerodynamicist, materials scientsit, structural scientist etc… has the “real” to act as a touchstone. Most hypotheticals can be empirically measured or at least logically derived.
    Quantum mechanics by nature are also “real”, but are so far abstracted from our day to day reality, and so divorced from conventional logic (and conventional physics) they might as well not be.

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