Long-Range Rifles?

My friend is looking for a rifle to learn to shoot at longer ranges (800-1000 yards). He’s a good shot now, but would be looking to push his effective range out a bit further.
Any suggestions? I was thinking a CZ 750 would be a good rifle, with little needed to get it ready for long distance shooting. Perhaps a Savage with a heavier, free-floated barrel?
Ideally, he’d like a bolt-action rifle in .308 to have ammo commonality with his existing rifles, with the rifle and any additional costs (e.g. trigger jobs, but not including optics) costing less than $2,500. Optics would probably cost about $1,000 or so, probably Leupold.
Any input would be most welcome.

5 thoughts on “Long-Range Rifles?”

  1. Savage Model 12 in .308 is what I almost always recommend to a beginning long range shooter (long range being beyond 600 yards).
    I’ve written several posts on the subject, including a bargain buyers guide for long range shooters here: http://anarchangel.blogspot.com/2009/12/thousand-yard-conspiracy-part-3-going.html
    If he’s serious about 1000 yards on a more than occasional basis, I’d recommend going to .300 win mag, .325 wsm, or one of the super 6.5s (depending on whether he’s looking more for energy delivery at range, or maximum precision).

  2. Ya know… you can build up a mauser based on a 98 large ring action and it’ll be extremely accurate for less than $1000. Lots of accessories for what ever look you want.

  3. I am looking at getting into long range as well. .308 or .30-06 will most likely be on the top of my list. Maybe the .338 Lapua.

  4. Chris beat me to it. I built my first long range rifle on a savage platform in .308. I was going to re-barrel it right out of the box but it was shooting 1/2 minute of angle once I put it in a decent stock and bedded the action…
    I then put NightForce glass on top. Good glass really helps a lot.

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