Why I Love .22s

For a total cost of $87.00 ((including $1.72 for Midway’s NRA Round-Up contribution and $14.81 for shipping)), I purchased 1,500 rounds of CCI Blazer .22LR ammo. Here they are:

This purchase is due to Carl’s contribution to the New Shooter Ammo Fund, and has been marked and set aside for that specific purpose.
The same amount of .223 ammo ((Prvi Partizan M193)) would cost a bit more than seven times as much, and would be considerably bulkier and heavier. Although prices have risen, .22 is still cheap, small, compact, and lightweight.
It’s also a heck of a lot of fun.

7 thoughts on “Why I Love .22s”

  1. Didn’t that used to be like 11.95 a box? Been a long time since I’ve purchased .22 – boy has it gone up in price.

  2. That nearly $30 a box. What the hell? I found 3 bricks of winchester and paid $45 for them.
    I sold 2 of them because I’m the ammo lookout for out little group. I buy it and then they buy it off me.

  3. Shawn: Price was $25.50/500rds, not counting shipping and the NRA round-up. Had I not had to worry about shipping, I would have gotten a fourth brick.
    While I’m sure I could find cheaper stuff if I looked really hard, Blazer runs really well in my 10/22, is pretty reliable (certainly more so than the huge bulk packs one can buy), and reasonable enough. Did you get the Winchester bulk-packs?
    I’m in California on vacation visiting family, and I refuse to buy ammo here and provide tax revenue to California.

  4. Yeah, its winchester. Its the federal bricks that jam up my .22. Everything else works fine. Just gut a new scope for it to. I’m going to have to replace the extractor. I’ve never had 1 jam with my mkii

  5. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial on the 10/22 magazine assembly, I had everything done except for how many turns to tension the spring, your post fixed that!
    thanks a lot

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