Crimes Committed With Machine Guns

The topic of machine guns used in crime came up in a conversation I had today. Specifically, the other person was saying that guns like the Glock 19 (( I had no idea why they included this common pistol as an example. )), the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and the G36 “enable these sorts of rampages” where “these sorts” evidently referred to the Ft. Hood and Florida shooting sprees.
I’m able to point out, from memory, the two cases since 1934 where a legally-owned machine gun was used in a crime. However, I’m not able to think of any noteworthy crimes committed with illegally-owned machine guns in recent history other than the North Hollywood shootout. Most references to machine guns used in crimes seem to relate to the prohibition era.
Anyone know of any more recent uses of machine guns, legally owned or not, in crime in the US?

3 thoughts on “Crimes Committed With Machine Guns”

  1. While not a machine gun, I recall there was a case of a nut killing his ex-wife and the first cop on the scene with a fifty-cal rifle a few years ago – at an Albertson’s supermarket in Colorado. I think he used a Barrett.

  2. Doh! Gotta work on that reading comprehension, I saw G36 and immediately the Glock 36 popped into my head… sorry about that.

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