On California Ammo Laws

With the enactment of the new California law requiring the registration of ammo purchases, what’s to prevent someone from ordering a substantial quantity of ammunition, having it shipped to someone in a neighboring state (e.g. Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona), driving over, picking it up, and bringing it back?
As far as I can tell, nothing prevents this from occurring.
I’m almost tempted to start up such a service for California residents, except that:

  • My apartment is small, and my landlord would object to my having a few tons of ammo in my apartment.
  • I think there’s a no-running-a-business-from-the-apartment clause in my lease, probably to keep drug dealers from plying their trade.

I suspect that U-Haul rentals for round-trips between Los Angeles-Phoenix (and San Francisco-Reno) will increase substantially in the next year or so.

6 thoughts on “On California Ammo Laws”

  1. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more interest in reloading as 2011 approaches, I’m definitely planning on it. Prices are already high here and I’ve been buying most of my ammo on the Internet where with shipping it’s still cheaper than anything you can find available. My prediction is that the few Walmarts that still sell ammo will stop because of the increased licensing and paperwork requirements.

  2. No… not u-haul… they charge mileage on trucks…. Enterprise rents pickups tho…. šŸ™‚

  3. Hmmn, real estate in Yuma and Quartzsite has GOT to be cheap (it is Yuma and Quartzsite, after all šŸ™‚ ). I wonder how much $$$ would be needed to set up a small storefront and staff it part-time on the weekends…

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