Paper or Plastic?

.22 Long Rifle cartridges seem to come in several types of common packaging: Remington Golden Bullets come in paper boxes with a little paper tray that slides out, Federal ammo comes in paper boxes with a plastic tray, and some CCI and Remington rounds come in plastic boxes with plastic trays.
Which one do you prefer the most?
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Personally, I like the paper boxes with plastic trays — they’re much less fragile than the all-plastic boxes (which seem to crack and shatter on me), and the rounds aren’t resting on their noses like in the all-paper ones. It’s also easy to just slide the tray out to expose 10 rounds, making it very simple to get exactly the right amount of ammo to load a magazine.

2 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. Plastic boxes and trays. And you can reuse the plastic boxes for small parts and such.

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