.380 For Sale

I was rummaging through my collection of ammo and stumbled across a box of Speer Gold Dot ammo in .380 Auto. The box contains 20 rounds.
I used to own a small Bersa Thunder .380 but sold it probably 2-3 years ago. Somehow, I managed to hang onto a box of Gold Dots for it.
As I don’t have a .380 pistol now, I’m looking to sell it. I’m willing to let it part for the original, still-affixed purchase price of $13.95.
If what I think is the lot number is correct, it’s lot number 23606.
The ammo looks to be in good shape. I’ve fired gobs of Gold Dots in the past, and they’re good stuff.
With quantities this small, a local buyer would be the best choice. Anyone in Tucson interested? If so, send me an email.

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