Prvi Partizan Match?

Anyone here used Prvi Partizan ((Yes, I know their factory had an explosion. Somehow the local shop still has tons in stock at a reasonable price. Hope PP gets back to production soon.)) Match ammo?
Specifically, the 75gr .223 Remington stuff.
The local shop had a bunch for $12.29/20rds, which was just two bucks more than the PP M193 ((Fantastic ammo, 100% reliability in both my ARs, powerful, and pretty accurate for mil-spec stuff. It’s also actually available, unlike the US-made mil-surp. It’s also looks a lot better than XM193, and meets all the mil-spec. I’ve always been under the impression that Federal XM193 on the civilian market, while made in the US, was being sold to the public because it failed mil-spec in some minor, not-safety-related way. )) I was picking up, so I grabbed a box on a whim.
Normally I don’t think of “Made in Serbia” as being a mark of high quality, but PP’s M193 stuff has changed my mind, so I’m willing to give this stuff a try. Any experience?
Surprisingly, I was unable to find lot numbers on the individual boxes of 20 rounds. This is surprising for match-grade ammo (their mil-spec stuff has lot numbers on each box). Do they have the lot numbers printed on the case itself, if one buys in such quantities? It’d be nice to stock up a thousand rounds or two of the same lot so one could practice and compete with identical stuff.
Any additional information would be much appreciated.
Update: There appears to be some confusion in the comments. To clarify, I have shot several thousand rounds of Prvi Partizan M193 5.56mm NATO-spec ammo in the past and have found it to be excellent, and I now shoot it exclusively for recreational purposes. That said, I’m asking specifically about the Prvi Partizan 75-grain Match ammo. Has anyone used it in competitions? How does it compare vs. other match-grade ammo?

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  1. Perhaps, but recall that the price I’m paying is the local retail price: while I could save a bit by buying bulk, my budget does not allow large purchases like buying a case of ammo. Thus, I end up buying a few boxes here and there. Sucks, but what can I do?
    Prvi M193 at AIM is $359.75/1000, which is only $10 more than the Centurion stuff (and I’ve never heard of Centurion before). Have you actually shot the Centurion ammo? I’m always a bit skeptical of bagged ammo.

  2. There are a number of reviews on the centurion. the brass is good, it’s consistent but may have a couple where the bullet is not seated perfectly straight (almost a non issue) not the most accurate stuff but plenty good for plinking and reloading. The PPU is a bit better and likely worth the extra $10.

  3. Indeed. I found a few of the reviews. Looks like decent stuff. A bit slower than M193 spec, but solidly in .223 territory. The occasional bullet not being seated properly is not a huge problem for range use, but is still somewhat worrisome.
    I might pick up a 500rd half-case some time, just for the hell of it…once I have money.

  4. Prvi makes the “Gold” line for Wolf. Decent stuff actually, despite the associated name. Should be the same quality.

  5. Gary: I know. I’ve shot both in the past and have been rather satisfied. I shoot Prvi M193 nearly exclusively through my ARs.
    I’m inquiring about the Match stuff, in particular, and how it handles out of 1:9″ barrels. I’d like to find a decent, match-grade ammo that’s affordable enough for me to practice with regularly.

  6. I bought the Centurion from AIM and really like it.
    The Prvi Partizan 223 and 308 is decent, but it seems to me that the brass is a little soft. The extractors on both my AR15 and LR-308 both leave a heavy impression on the rim that none of my other brass displays.

  7. I’ve used Privi for decades in 6 or 7 different calibers and the stuff has always been first rate. ’06, 7mm Mauser, 6.5mm Swede Mauser, 5.56mm, .303 Brit., and 7.5mm Swiss. And it reloads very well.

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