On Guns and Alcohol

State Sen. Ken Cheuvront countered that the new Arizona law has more potential for danger because the state’s permit system is among the more lenient nationally.
“All I know is that guns and liquor do not mix,” said Cheuvront, a Democrat and the owner of a wine bar in central Phoenix. “They’re putting other patrons and my staff at risk by having a gun in my establishment.”

– Arizona Republic article.
Fantastic! He just demonstrated a total lack of knowledge about the law, as one of the key components of the law is that those who carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol are forbidden from drinking. Not a drop. Even the journalists, who tend to not know much about firearms-related law, seem to get it. Why doesn’t he?
There’s another option: Senator Cheuvront is merely being disingenuous and a liar, but I suppose that goes with being a politician.

4 thoughts on “On Guns and Alcohol”

  1. Cheuvront is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he not only voted against this bill, but he also proposed two amendments to neuter it. The man has no excuse for not knowing its contents, so I’m going to go with option 2.

  2. Well you can’t fault him for his lack of knowledge: he admitted that all he knows is that guns and liquor don’t mix. And on that I agree–margarita salt isn’t really very good for the barrel and unless you have a very small gun it tends to tip over the glass. Plus, gun oil doesn’t taste very good.

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