The Stupid, It Burns!

I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube, including several of me demonstrating my Gem-Tech Outback II silencer on my Ruger 10/22 rifle.
Now, as you may be aware, YouTube commenters are widely known for being mind-numbingly stupid, and today was no exception. I had a commenter claim that in 45 out of 50 states, including his state of Mississippi, silencers on “sniper rifles” were illegal.
Specifically, he claims that silencers on “sniper rifles” are illegal unless one is in the “US Army Sniper School and it doesnt matter if you paid taxes and signed paper work, silencers on a sniper is illegal, other guns its different but snipers … its illegal”
Of course, he didn’t define what a “sniper rifle” was, nor did he give any sort of link to state laws that would suggest that silencers on such rifles would be illegal.
As far as I’m aware, he’s completely full of it, and silencers are legal on just about any firearm (with the payment of the appropriate NFA tax for the silencer itself) in states that do not prohibit silencer ownership. I’m not aware of any legal definition of a “sniper rifle” in any state or federal law, nor any law that would restrict the use of silencers to a specific subset of guns.
Anyone know for sure?

5 thoughts on “The Stupid, It Burns!”

  1. I am convinced: if we could harness the awesome power of stupid, we could run the world entirely on youtube comments for the remaining lifetime of the Sun. At the very least.

  2. Yeah, the guy’s a dingleberry typing without a clue. Hunting rifles from Weatherby can be had with a sub-M.O.A. guarantee, so I’d love to know how he defines a “sniper rifle”.
    The NFA “guidance” on cans is on the cans only- not what they are attached to. That’s why you can take it off your 10/22 and stick it on your Mk.II/III with no additional paperwork. There has never been any “only on that gun, not on this one” type of ruling from ATF, else you’d have to declare what firearm you were mating it to. And since you don’t… Dingleberry.

  3. Eseell: That’s what I thought. According to his YouTube profile, the guy is 19.
    Eric: Indeed. My Form 4 makes no mention of the gun my silencer is connected to. Go figure. The kid never defined what a “sniper rifle” was, nor how it differs from other guns. Go figure.

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