Myself and two friends went out to a local cheap chinese buffet (( We’re cheap college students. What can I say? )) this evening and for some reason the conversation turned to vacation cruises.
I mentioned that I’ve been on a cruise before, and you tend to get a few older, retired people, a few younger couples with kids, and a whole lot of grotesquely fat people (( The food is unlimited and included with the flat-rate cost of the cruise in most cases. )).
At the very moment that I said “grotesquely fat people”, a leviathan of a woman carrying two heaping plates of food happened to walk by. It turns out she was sitting at the table directly behind me.
Of course, I wasn’t referring to this particular woman, nor meant any offense to fat people ((I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.)). I was simply stating an observation about cruises, but I can see how a small snippet of said conversation would be easily misinterpreted as being offense. Hooray.

3 thoughts on “Awkward”

  1. Wow, you insensitive clod.
    Perhaps my remark would carry more weight if I hadn’t been seated next to you and agreed with what you said.

  2. Could be worse. You could be at a party, quoting lines from Blazing Saddles (you know, when the new Sheriff comes to town), and turn around to find there’s a black man standing behind you.
    Not that that’s ever happened to me, of course.

  3. it happens to the best of us. i’ve said enough in awkward situations … i’m surprised i still have a job.
    (for what it’s worth, “leviathan of a woman” made me LOL audibly, and quite loudly.)

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