Various news organizations are reporting that a gunman shot some people and took hostages in Binghamton, New York.
Details differ depending on which source I read. More info as I get it.
My best wishes are with the victims of this crime and the emergency responders who have to deal with it.
Update: Various sources say that a “man reportedly entered the building with a high-powered rifle” and started shooting. No citations on who actually said he had a rifle. The AP cites the city mayor as saying that the gunman had a “high-powered rifle” (( Quoting the AP article, not the mayor directly. )), but no mention of where he got that information.
Update: Now that the dust has settles, the AP and other sources report that the shooter didn’t, in fact, have a rifle, but rather had two handguns (a 9mm and a .45).

One thought on “Uh-Oh”

  1. Doesn’t matter. You know how the anti’s are.
    “We must ban these assault weapons becasue they were not used in the shooting”
    You know there that stupid.

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