Good Lawyers

It’s regularly advised on various gun-related forums that gun owners should have the contact number of a good gunny-friendly lawyer to call in the unlikely and undesireable event that one is needed. Better safe than sorry, right?
Does anyone have any recommendations for such lawyers in the Tucson and Chandler areas? Ideally, they’d have some number one could call day or night in the event that they’re needed. I tend to avoid lawyers and other legal-related stuff like the plague.
That said, I don’t have any particularly need for a lawyer (I’m not in any sort of legal trouble), but I’d like to have one on call just the same. Preferably one that’s not shady.

4 thoughts on “Good Lawyers”

  1. Tim Forshey is a shooter and regular sponsor of the Desert Classic who specializes in 2nd Amendment issues. I keep his card on my fridge and I can send you is contact info if you need it.

  2. This question came up in my CCW class. Forshey was the name the instructor gave as well. I’ll email the #.

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