Those That Can, Do – and Teach

I’m a regular reader of Fark and am often found commenting on gun threads.
One of the more interesting part of doing so is connecting with other gunny types, particularly those who are looking for more information.
A few months ago, I had mentioned that I’d be happy to offer one-on-one instruction in Tucson to people interested in basic metallic cartridge reloading. At least one person took note of this offer: a medical student at the university emailed me to see if the offer still stood, as he had just ordered some reloading gear and wanted to make sure he wouldn’t blow himself up while making ammo. Of course, I accepted, as it’s always good to get more people reloading safely.
For those who don’t recall, I have a few more standing offers:

  • For anyone: If you’ve never shot a gun (or it’s been a long time since you shot tin cans with your grandfather’s BB gun when you were a kid), regardless of your stance regarding guns, I invite you to go shooting. I’ll pay all the range fees, provide the guns, ammo, safety equipment, targets, instructions, etc. All you need to do is show up and have an open mind.
  • For members of the media: Many journalists are not familiar with firearms, and so often make factual errors when reporting on gun-related topics. In the interest of accurate news, I’ll answer any gun-related questions you might have (or, if I’m unable to answer a specific question, I’ll direct you toward people who do know) at no cost. Simply contact me with sufficient time (at least a day, if possible) before your deadline and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. No strings attached.

2 thoughts on “Those That Can, Do – and Teach”

  1. You know I would love to see an Online helplist. Im in the same boat, I really want to start reloading, I really would like to “apprentice” with someone who has been doing it.

  2. Sam: I recommend the book “Modern Reloading” by Lee. It goes through all the basics, as well as has several hundred pages of load data for a large variety of cartridges.
    Reloading isn’t all that hard. The mechanics of it aren’t that difficult. The main thing is safety: don’t use unpublished load data, follow load data very closely (e.g. don’t add magnum primers if regular ones are called for), regularly check to see if your powder measure is throwing consistent charges, etc.
    If you’re in Tucson, I’d gladly show you the basics.
    I think there’s a lot of useful videos on YouTube relating to reloading as well.

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