FeedBurner Problems

FeedBurner’s been giving me some trouble over the last day or two, so I’ve switched back to self-hosting the feed here.
Please ensure that your RSS feed reader is subscribed to http://www.arizonarifleman.com/feed/ and not http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheArizonaRifleman or http://feeds2.feedburner.com/TheArizonaRifleman. In the event that I switch back to FeedBurner in the future, your feed reader will be redirected automatically.
I apologize for any trouble this might cause.
Thanks for subscribing. 🙂

3 thoughts on “FeedBurner Problems”

  1. Feedburner has been a pain ever since Google bought it. I had to manually shift all my feeds to Google Feedburner as the auto-migrate didnt’t work.
    I suggest adding a .htaccess redirect to redirect your /feed/ to Feedburner when the issue is resolved

  2. Ajay, I had an .htaccess redirect that I’ve now disabled to serve the feed locally. The problem is that a lot of people will click the link, get directed to FeedBurner, and then subscribe to the FeedBurner feed rather than to the /feed/ hosted here. Oh well.
    I had no trouble with the migration, that went well. It’s just that no matter what settings I changed, it still had the URL for my old blog (prior to when I bought this domain). Very frustrating. I tried re-syncing it, and eventually deleted the feed hoping that I’d be able to re-create it right away. Alas, FeedBurner’s being a pain and hasn’t released the name yet. Bah.

  3. I believe there is at least a 30 day wait before things are public.
    But, it sure sucks either way.
    I’m thinking of implementing using one of my Domains to serve the feeds

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