Tutorial suggestions?

A while back I made a brief tutorial on how to disassemble and maintain Ruger 10/22 magazines. It’s been pretty well received, with nearly 60,000 visitors since its inception.
That said, I’ve been looking at creating some other tutorials. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I make a tutorial about the AR-15? M1 Garand? Ruger MkIII? 10/22 (the rifle itself, not just the mags)? XD?

4 thoughts on “Tutorial suggestions?”

  1. How ’bout a slo-mo Ruger Mark III teardown/Reassembly (with functional check)?
    Reason: I have a Mark II which is bad enough. But the SIL stopped by with her recent Mark III purchase. We finally gave up with the recommendation to seek professional help (take it back to her dealer).
    The last step demands Slo-mo action!

  2. Sure, I can do that. Only caveat is that my MkIII no longer has the magazine “safety” disconnector; I removed it as soon as I brought it home for the first time.
    I might not be able to do a close-up of the final step, but I think I can slow-mo it.

  3. You could make one on building up a AR15… I happen to have most of the parts to do that if you want…

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